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War Between the States

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Site History for War Between the States

A premier source for authentic, original Union & Confederate Civil War photographs, autographs, documents, soldier letters, and assorted historic memorabilia. Well known throughout the Civil War community for excellent quality material and honesty and integrity, Len is extremely proud to be celebrating his 46th year in business! Member: The Center For Civil War Photography, The Daguerreian Society, Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association, Ephemera Society of America, Manuscript Society, Universal Autograph Collectors Club, The Company of Military Historians, Civil War Preservation Trust, the Gettysburg Foundation, The Surratt Society, The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, The American Historical Foundation, Charter Member of The National World War II Museum and the Titanic Historical Society.

Email Address:

Some interesting facts about Len Rosa: His great-great grandfather, served from 1862-65, under President Abraham Lincoln as a private in the 4th Iowa Cavalry, one of the hardest fighting and most respected regiments in the entire Union Army. He was seriously injured while the mounted Iowans were en-route to Vicksburg, Mississippi, but he did manage to survive the war after fighting in some of its most prominent battles with Vicksburg and Atlanta being among them. His father was a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran of the Second World War, being wounded by German mortar fire while leading a squad in Italy in 1944, earning the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Len was a history and journalism major at Eastern Kentucky University, in Richmond, Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky University was located nearby the battlefield of Richmond, Kentucky. Here on August 29–30, 1862, the battle of Richmond, Kentucky, was fought, and it was one of the most complete Confederate victories of the war. Confederate troops led by Major General Edmund Kirby Smith, fought the Federals under the command of Major General William "Bull" Nelson, whose men were defending the town of Richmond. This was the first major battle in the 1862 Kentucky Campaign. It was here that Len's passion for Civil War history was rekindled, and without him realizing it at the time, the seeds of a career as a Civil War historian were being sown in that rich Kentucky soil.

Len earned the sobriquet, "Caretaker of American History" in a front page feature story written about him that appeared in a 1995 issue of "The Civil War Courier." He has always felt that his catalogs and website were not just a listing of merchandise for sale, but also a way for him to share his passion for history. His hallmark has always been the vivid detail he gives to each of his listings. "I try whenever possible to bring the items I offer to life." He says that the items he sells not only represent specific moments in history, "but they present us with windows in time so that we may learn about our past more clearly. I am a historian who accurately presents those moments in our country's history as told through the eyes of those who saw it first hand, and in the words of those who actually lived it!"

Our American story tells us of the unwavering bravery, courage and fortitude of those men and women, black and white, and Native American, who were willing to give the last full measure of devotion for causes and principals they strongly believed in, and ones they were willing to die for. Their story is our American story; the good, the bad, and the ugly! In my opinion, the American Civil War played a vital role in defining us as a nation, and as a people, and we must certainly learn from this history so that we do not repeat the mistakes and the sins of the past. Instead, we all must be guided by the better angels of our nature and strive to make America the best she can be! I'd also like to take a moment to thank our troops of today who proudly and heroically protect and preserve our freedoms!

Mr. Rosa, is considered to be an expert in his field, and he has contributed to many books, magazines, newspapers, television documentaries and movies, and has also done consulting work for colleges, historical societies, museums and universities.

Len's logo is an eagle on a shield with the slogan, "America Dedicated Forever." This slogan shows Mr. Rosa's mentality towards his business. He says it has been an absolute privilege to have handled the historical memorabilia he has throughout his career, and to have helped build some of the finest collections in the country, not only among private collectors, but he has also sold items to numerous museums, historical societies, national parks, battlefield and historic sites, universities and schools.

Before Len created his "War Between The States" website in the 1990's, he had previously issued a high quality, illustrated print catalog that circulated the world for over 25 years. One of Len's proudest moments came during operation "Desert Storm" when he received a phone call from a United States officer stationed in the Persian Gulf. He was told that the Civil War enthusiasts among the troops were passing his catalog around, getting into deep conversations and discussions about the War Between the States, that were allowing them to have "a very welcome distraction from the seriousness of their present situation."

Some of his biggest thrills include meeting and chatting with the legendary Civil War author, Bruce Catton, and having an original painting from his personal collection being on display at the Gettysburg Cyclorama Center, at the Gettysburg National Military Park. He also greatly enjoyed meeting, and having some very interesting conversations, and consultations, with some of the actors who starred in the 1992 movie "Gettysburg," and visiting some of the sets and areas on the battlefield that were used for filming. Several of the people involved in the film were enthusiastic students of American history and some of the actors wanted to learn more about the characters they were portraying, and of the epic 3 day battle of Gettysburg itself. One of them became a long time close personal friend. One of Len's biggest joys however are all of the great friendships he has made through the years with many fine collectors, and dealers all over the world. He says that he was very fortunate to have had some superb mentors many of whom have passed on to that big encampment in the sky. Rest in peace my dear old friends and brothers!

Len was a very proud resident of his adopted hometown of Gettysburg, Pa. for many years, a place that will always be home, and it will always hold a very special place in his heart. He says that literally being able to walk in the footsteps of those who fought in this monumental battle, and having special access to many private sites that are not part of the Gettysburg National Military Park, was an absolute honor and privilege that he finds hard to put into words.

Len has since moved to Florida, which was an extremely hard decision to make. However this was done not to retire, but to relocate his operations, and be able to relax a little bit more, and ultimately slow down from the extremely hectic schedule he kept in Gettysburg. The beautiful southern climate & extremely friendly folks are also a very nice bonus which allowed Len to get away from those dreary, cold and snowy northeastern winters, something many of us yearn to do as we get older. The most important reason for Len leaving Gettysburg though was because of an extremely serious degenerative spinal disease that he has, and his surgeons thought the move to a warm climate would be a great benefit to his health. "I don't get around as good as I once did, but my passion and dedication to preserve and tell the story of our American history is still strong, and a large and very enjoyable part of my life, one that will be with me forever!"

Len greatly enjoys handling the rare historical memorabilia that comes his way, and doing the very interesting research that is involved, and he intends on staying active in the Civil War community for many years to come. Please let your friends, or other Civil War enthusiasts know that I am still in business, and please direct them to my website. Thank you my friends!

***My company, "War Between The States" is forever dedicated in loving memory to my wife Joanne Rosa who lost her terrible battle with Alzheimer's disease, an absolutely horrendous illness, and she recently passed away. Without her endless support, constant encouragement, hard work and dedication, I would not be celebrating my 46th year in business! She was always my guiding light and pillar of strength. Rest in Peace my dear precious angel.


Please note that for privacy reasons full names of some clients who were nice enough to honor me with their kind words were not used. Thank you all very much for your support and friendship through out the years! Thanks also go out to the many others who wrote to me with their well wishes, support, and testimonials. Unfortunately, I could not put them all on the website, but I am very grateful to all of you! Len Rosa

"I am a private collector of Civil War era photographs and ephemera, with a serious collection put together over the years through purchases from a number of sources. Of the dealers I have bought from, none has proven to be more trustworthy and reliable than Len Rosa. Every purchase (and there have been well over two hundred) was handled to my utmost satisfaction, and I have found Mr. Rosa to be consistently professional and responsible, honest with his descriptions, fair with his prices, and timely with his mailings. He is an honorable gentleman worthy of your trust." Mike Stevens, Private Practice Physician. President, Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

"I started collecting Civil War artifacts around 1978. Among the first few people I met was Len Rosa, proprietor of War Between the States Memorabilia. It did not take me long to realize he was not just another Civil War dealer. He was extremely knowledgeable, fair and honest. Over the years we have bought and sold items on many occasions. I think we both walked away realizing we made a fair deal for each of us. He has a genuine interest in Civil War artifacts besides just profit. He is an historian of note and most of all I still, after 40+ years, consider him a very good friend." Joe Fulginiti, Owner, Valor Art Ltd., Fredericksburg, VA.

"Thank you for your stellar website and the wonderful Civil War artifacts that you offer for purchase in the most integrity-filled experience a collector can have. Your shop is unparalleled. I have purchased many items from you over the years and cherish them. All my experiences have been top-notched. War Between the States Memorabilia is quite simply the best." Britt Isenberg, Licensed Battlefield Guide, Gettysburg National Military Park.

"I have been a collector of Civil War memorabilia for 40 plus years and have known and purchased from Len since he started his business. These purchases have occurred at shows, his excellent print catalogs (which I still have as they make for great reference sources) and since 1998 through his wonderful website. I continue to purchase from Len after all these years because of the quality, diversity, and authenticity of his items. My collection has grown and benefited from my many acquisitions, some of which I have never seen for sale anywhere else! I have never been the least bit disappointed with a purchase from Len and there have been many. His descriptions of items are well researched and the items fairly priced. Bottom line - great stuff from a great dealer. Take it from a longtime collector and customer - War Between the States Memorabilia is worthy of a five star rating." Arthur G.

"I first made the acquaintance of Len Rosa at a Civil War show in the 1970's, and immediately realized that this young man was very different than most of the newcomers I encountered in our community. Quiet, polite and observant, he soaked up knowledge like a sponge, and was never condescending to anyone he met. His passion to learn as much about American history as he could was quite apparent right from the beginning, and when he decided to pursue this as his career he did so for the right reasons; to share his love and knowledge of our country, and its diversified history, and help to teach others who were like minded. True to his ideals, Len always put his pursuit for true American history above all else. To this day he remains that same purveyor of knowledge, and he has truly earned his nickname, the "Caretaker of American History!" His website continues to be one of the most informative sources about Civil War history on the internet. Go peruse his site, you won't be disappointed. It is one of my distinct pleasures to be his colleague!" William A. Turner (Author of Even More Confederate Faces).

"Len is one of the foremost authorities on Civil War photography in the country. Our days of sitting together at the Gettysburg show, discussing antique photographs, and trying to stump one another in our ability to identify the subject of a rare image was always educational and a lot of fun! Oh, and Len has impeccable taste in all things images!" Dan

"I have been a very good personal friend of Len Rosa for 45 years and he has also been a friendly and valued colleague in this business. I have known Len to be extremely knowledgeable in our field, honest, and beyond reproach in the ethical way he does business. His attention to detail and quality of memorabilia is second to none." Cary J. Delery, III, The Historical Shop, Metairie, Louisiana, Dealer in Rare Americana-The Colonial period through the Civil War since 1978.

"I have been collecting for over 25 years, and have been doing business with Len Rosa’s "War Between the States" for many of those years. Len offers quality, original Civil War period photographs, documents and autographs, including some rare and hard to come by pieces, at fair and reasonable prices. His honesty, knowledge and expertise in the field has kept me coming back to his website always looking for interesting and sometimes unique pieces to add to my collection." Tony A.

"Just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it has been to deal with "War Between the States" through the years (30 yrs). Dealing with your firm has been an experience that has been strengthened by your levels of honesty, knowledge, and professionalism. Always look forward to checking your web page on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!" Dave O.R.

"I have been purchasing cdv photographs from Len Rosa’s fine establishment, War Between The States, for several years, and have always found his offerings to be of the highest quality, his pricing more than fair, and his delivery always fast and dependable. I’d say it doesn’t get any better than that. Whenever I’m searching for Civil War photographs, I start my search at War Between The States, because I know that I am dealing with a professional and reputable retailer!" Charles G.

"I can guarantee Len is an honest fellow that goes the extra mile for his customers. In my experience he is an outstanding seller with high quality items. I have absolutely never had any problems with him or his items and would gladly spread the word about him which I already do to museum people across the country. I know I am not the only one who agrees with that. I look forward to many years of transactions with Len Rosa." Richard Holloway - Louisiana Lieutenant Governor's Sesquicentennial Civil War and Reconstruction Task Force, Historian and Author

"Over the many years of doing business with Len Rosa he has always provided me with excellent service and quality merchandise. I really appreciate him looking for the Gettysburg images that I specialize in for my collection. Len you are an honorable man and treat your customers with respect and honesty. You’re a true gentleman and I consider you a close friend who I also happen to do business with." Tom P.

"I was first introduced to Len many years ago at a show in Gettysburg. Since that time I have had the pleasure of working with Len as I have continued to build my collection. Len has always struck me as knowledgeable, courteous and fair. His genuine interest and expertise have made him much more than just a dealer in my eyes. Len is professional and discreet and also very helpful in terms of giving as much background information on a particular item as possible. Over the years I have purchased and exchanged material with total confidence and highly recommend Len Rosa as a trustworthy and valuable resource." Arthur L. Strawbridge

"I have been a customer of War Between The States for more than a decade. They sell rare and authentic Civil War collectibles, and are very respected by many other dealers and serious collectors alike. Len Rosa is always and immediately helpful, and absolutely trustworthy. You can buy with complete confidence." Dr. GK

"Two decades ago, I discovered War Between The States. Len's site has a wide variety of listings satisfying many niches; it satisfies mine. I have made over 100 purchases from him, and every one of my interactions have been smooth and professional. Every item has been as advertised. As War Between The States continues to offer the quality items in my niche, I will continue to purchase as I have. Thank you and good work Len." Norm H.

"I have been a serious collector and dealer in American Civil War Memorabilia for over 65 years and had many contacts with Len Rosa. During that time, he has had an excellent reputation within the Civil War community as to both his character and honesty. I have never heard a remark, or experienced anything negative regarding him personally, or in his business dealings, and to my personal knowledge and belief, Len Rosa, is an honest man, and of the highest integrity!" Lewis Leigh, Jr. Mr. Leigh is one of the most respected collectors in the country, and I was fortunate enough to make his acquaintance when I first started out in this business in 1978, and learned a lot from this very fine gentleman.

"I have been acquainted and doing business with Mr. Len Rosa since 2001. I found Mr. Rosa to be an exceptional expert in his area of Civil War currency, historical ephemera, and memorabilia. More importantly I found Mr. Rosa to be the most honest dealer that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I fully intend to continue, as long as possible, to conduct business with Mr. Rosa." James C.

"I have always been very happy with all of the dealings I have had with Len Rosa, and his site is one of the places I trust most and check often." Terry O.

"I have known Len Rosa personally for almost 40 years, not only as one of the finest Civil War document dealers in the country, but also as a very dear friend. Len’s reputation is well earned for his caring attitude and unquestionable knowledge, and his commitment of offering excellent quality, original Civil War material. I have complete confidence in him as a dealer and as a person. Len is second to none in friendship and is always willing to help you acquire a piece for your collection. His understanding and caring make him one of the finest gentlemen I have had the pleasure to ever know, and he has truly earned my friendship and loyalty." Michael F.

"I have been a collector for 35 years and have dealt with Len Rosa of War Between The States on many occasions. He is knowledgeable, cooperative, fair and completely honest. I heartily recommend War Between The States to anyone seeking quality Civil War memorabilia." L.E.

"I've been purchasing Civil War relics and artifacts from War Between the States and have nothing but high praise for the quality of the items and the service I've received from Len Rosa. The descriptions of his merchandise are extremely well researched and his prices are very reasonable. Furthermore, Len is very meticulous and punctual when it comes to shipping, and he takes great care to wrap and reinforce fragile items so they arrive in excellent condition. Len goes out of his way to accommodate any reasonable requests you may have, and his attention to detail, his friendly service, and his willingness to work with you to make your experience at War Between the States a very pleasurable one; these are just a few of the reasons why I come back regularly to his site to purchase Civil War artifacts." Thomas K.

"As an avid historian who believes that priceless historical items should reflect quality research and accurate representation, I believe in Len Rosa. As others have attested, Mr. Rosa provides exceptional care in ensuring all clients receive the best that he has to offer. Further, his easy going personality and ability to anticipate client needs are why I am a dedicated customer." L.C., Virginia

"I've been a collector of Civil War items for over half a century. I am a Life Member of The Company of Military Historians. "North South Trader's Civil War" magazine has published my work. I am experienced at separating the wheat from the chaff. I've dealt with Len Rosa for well over 25 years. During that time, I've found Len to be exceptionally honest and very well organized. He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of historical documents and Civil War photographs. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to add authentic, accurately described items to their collection. You can't do any better than dealing with Len Rosa!" Jan Gordon

"I have been doing business with Len Rosa for close to three decades, and find him to be someone who I would never hesitate to contact for material for my collection. He has always been very professional and considerate in conducting any business transactions with me, and the items I have purchased from him have always been of excellent quality. Len is certainly at the top, when it comes to a militaria dealer you can trust and depend on." Lawrence R. Laboda. Mr. Laboda is a fine historian and the author of some excellent Civil War books.

"I have dealt with Len Rosa for many years and can attest to the professional manner in which he conducts his business. Len provides authentic Civil War autographs, documents and photographs of the highest quality. I have been extremely pleased with each and every one of my purchases from War Between the States." Lochard H. Lovenstein, Author of "In Lieu of a Draft; A History of the 153rd Pennsylvania Volunteers."

"I have known Len Rosa for over 35 years. The first words that come into my mind to describe him are honesty, integrity and passionate. His record as a Civil War dealer is impeccable, but if you know Len it is much more than a business to him. His passion for history and his dedication to bringing to life the people who lived during the Civil War period and the events that shaped our nation is clearly evident in his work." L.R.E.

Mr. Len Rosa is one of the finest gentlemen that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I always made a point to visit with him at the many Civil War shows that he set up at through the years. Not only did he have great memorabilia at fair prices, but I was immediately struck by how polite and sincere he was, and how focused his attention was on you. I always walked away with a positive experience when dealing with Len Rosa. Another thing I clearly noticed about Len was that he treated everybody he encountered with the utmost respect regardless if you spent money with him or not, something that is sorely lacking in today's business world! David C.

"Len Rosa is honest, trustworthy and very knowledgeable on Civil War documents and ephemera. I have been extremely pleased with all of my purchases from him during my 30 year collecting career!" S.B.

"I first met Len Rosa at a Civil War show in Virginia back in the 1970’s. Some 40 years later I am still buying historical memorabilia from him. The reasons are simple; Len is an honest, trustworthy man, with impeccable integrity and knowledge. I miss seeing Len at the shows since he moved from Gettysburg to Florida, and not having grown up in the world of computers and the internet, I was very concerned when I learned that my favorite dealer was no longer going to be setting up at the Civil War shows because of his spinal injury. Because of the respectful way that Mr. Rosa treated me through the years, and my desire to continue to do business with a dealer I knew and trusted, I bit the proverbial bullet, Civil War of course, bought a computer, and after my granddaughter taught me how to use it, I continued my association with the "War Between The States" and Len’s top notch website catalog. In today’s dangerous internet world we live in, where everybody is a dealer, and many unscrupulous "so called dealers" hide behind the anonymity of a computer, or screen name, it’s a breath of fresh air to know that there are honest, outstanding dealers like Len Rosa out there; a dealer with a real history and a proven track record. I highly recommend his site to all, and I look forward to adding many more new and exciting items purchased from “War Between The States” to my collection. Thanks for everything Len. You’ve truly made collecting fun and educational. I wish you many more years of success!" Douglas

"I am still a novice in Civil War collecting and Mr. Rosa has been a great guide for me on my journey. Always helpful, thoughtful, and considerate. Len has always been helpful with any and all questions. I have dealt with many dealers over the last few years and Len is at the top of the list. His knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed in the field." M.Y.

"I have been a customer of Len Rosa's, War Between The States, for the past thirty plus years. I have always found him to be a person of integrity. I never had any problem with any of the Civil War or historical items that I purchased from him. I have and would recommend War Between the States to anyone interested in authentic Historical and Civil War merchandise." Richard R.

"Len's website, "War Between The States" is my first choice to search for letters, documents, and Civil War photography. Len offers a wide variety of reasonably priced authentic memorabilia from both the Confederacy and the Union." Gary S.

"Buy with absolute confidence! It's hard to imagine a better seller than Len Rosa. You are the best!" D.H.

"Always a pleasure doing business with you." Steve

"AWESOME! I have been dealing with Len Rosa and War Between The States for over 30 years. I have always been pleased with the quality of his items, the accuracy of his descriptions, and the care he always gives in the way of customer service. Len ranks right up there at the top of the list when it comes to Civil War paper and ephemera dealers!" Ronald G.

"I have been collecting, trading, and selling civil war photography since the early 1990's, and have purchased many cdv's and documents in that time from Mr. Len Rosa, owner and operator of War Between the States Memorabilia. All of my dealings and transactions with Mr. Rosa have been more than satisfactory. What I've learned about Civil War photography and where to go for choice images of soldiers from the Civil War period are from his print catalogs from the 90's (which I still have today and use for reference) and his website. He can be trusted to back up what he says. I would recommend from the beginning to the seasoned collector of Civil War photography Mr. Rosa's knowledge and expertise in the field. I would and do recommend his business for collectors trying to obtain images down to company grade levels. I have found many from this source that couldn't be found elsewhere. Thanks for your contribution to my knowledge, and for the honest and fair dealings I've had with you." Robert M.W.

"Len Rosa is the very BEST!" Ed P.

"War Between The States sells excellent, authentic items, gives fast service, takes great care in packing, has accurate descriptions, and is a great seller in every respect! That's why this company is one of my main sources for adding Civil War memorabilia to my collection." E.C.P.

"Len Rosa is one of the finest gentleman that I have ever had the privilege to know. He is much more than a seller of Civil War memorabilia, he is a great human being who not only cares passionately about the Civil War hobby but about people. Len is extremely generous and unlike many other dealers in this business, his association with you, and his kindness to you has absolutely nothing to do with the size of your wallet! And I must also say that his research skills are second to none." Anthony L.

"Truly exceptional items and service!" George R.

"Len Rosa equals "Honor and Integrity." My name is Joe, a military collector, and seller of historical memorabilia. I have had many dealing's with Len in 30 plus years, and he has always helped me with his vast knowledge, and love for the Civil War era and American history. I have the utmost respect for this gentleman. He has always been right on." Joe M.

"The names Len Rosa and War Between The States are synonymous with honesty, integrity, and the very highest caliber of Civil War collectibles in the business! Len always amazes me with what he offers on his extraordinary website. Buy with absolute confidence from this excellent historian!" Bobby L.

"When I needed to sell my Civil War collection Len Rosa was the first and only person I contacted. He handled the sale of my memorabilia with complete honesty and professionalism. I could not have been more pleased with the results. I highly recommend Len as the go to guy in the Civil War business." Tom

"A friendly word of advice; don't believe all of the self serving "B.S." written by some of the new breed of Civil War dealers, the "online self appointed experts!" In the wild west of today, which is also known as "internet shopping," there are many frauds, imposters, liars and thieves! Anyone can write anything they want on a blog, rag site or website about themselves or anybody else for that matter. There are many very fine and reputable online dealers, but please take the time and effort to learn something about what you are buying and more importantly who you are buying it from. A certificate of authenticity issued by the same person who is selling you the item[s] may not be worth the paper it is printed on. Anyone can issue a COA. The reputation of the seller is what really counts and should be highly considered. I'd like to take this opportunity to throw my hat in the ring and compliment and recommend Len Rosa and War Between The States, a man and company I've known and have been dealing with for over 30 years. Mr. Rosa easily gets my 5 star rating. He's a proven well known expert in his field." E.T.

"Thank you Mr. Rosa for taking the time to teach me about the Civil War and how to navigate my way through the diversified items that are available to us collectors from one of the most important and exciting periods in American history. Although I've never been a big buyer you always made me feel like I was your best client. I will forever be grateful to you." Jimmy

"An honest and reputable seller of authentic Civil War material at fair prices. Very pleased with all of my purchases from this company." Jason

"I have bought many items through the years from Len Rosa and his War Between The States online website catalog. I have been very pleased with each and every purchase I have made and highly recommend him to others." Robbie R.

One of the best Civil War websites on the planet! Buy with complete confidence from this extremely knowledgeable and well respected purveyor of the finest Civil War and historical antiques. Barbara C.

There is something for everyone on the awesome War Between the States website. And you learn something about American history in the process, something they don't teach in schools anymore! A win/win in my opinion. Tom T.

Mr. Rosa is one of the most respected dealers and historians in America. I first met him in the 1980's, have made numerous purchases from him and have always been satisfied. He is a man of great intelligence, honor and integrity! Brenda B.

**Thank you very much to all of the other clients who have written to me with their testimonials. Unfortunately, I do not have the space here to list them all. Thank you for taking the time and effort to send me your kind words. I appreciate all of you!

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In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your purchase that cannot be resolved with the merchant and that is not already covered by a third party such as but not limited to postal insurance, purchases covered under your credit card purchase agreement or automatic purchase coverage from online payment services such as PayPal or Google, your online purchase from any TIAS merchant displaying the TIAS Trusted Merchant logo is guaranteed by Inc. for up to $500 of the purchase amount. To qualify for a refund under the TIAS Trusted Merchant Guarantee, customers just need to contact within 14 days of their purchase.

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War Between the States
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